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Acrylic butterfly shape color pen display

Customized size and shape display, creatively designed, stationery display, pen holder, outstanding display.
It is able to combined acrylic, wood, metal, plastic, cardboard paper and so on. For a regular exhibition of your product or customized purpose.

Acrylic pen display

Sample and easy to exhibit your product, and most of all, it's price competitive.

Acrylic pen holder display

Eco-friendly acrylic

1. Logo painting acceptable

2. Customized size or any other requirements

3. Customized color

4. Transparent/clear acrylic

5. Edges polished

Pen display stand

Durable product, easy to clean up, high light transparency.

Customized stationery display

Retail shop acrylic display stand customized for stationery, customized slots, well design and quality reliable.

Counter top stationery display

High-end designed retail shop display stand, customized dimensions, for stationery, make up, cosmetics, mutiple purposes.

Acrylic storage box

Storage box, organizer, exhibition display. multipurpose display. Built according to the item that is going to sit inside.

Acrylic pen display

Pen display, creative and outstanding, the slots depending on how many colors you are going to exhibit. It could be white, black, or any color.

Pen rack

We have various solution to display your pens. Just let us know what's your idea, we always be working hard to your inquiry.